Monday, January 16, 2012

Brains, Gyri, and Charity

I'm really proud to announce a new shirt that will not only make all you nerds and geeks look handsome and/or beautiful, but will actually benefit the world in a way that is not fashion related!  I absolutely love the brain, and through the last few months of this t-shirt design adventure, I've been getting more and more into this whole concept of words as art: manipulating words so that they look like other things while also describing that thing.  Well, this is what I came up with:

It's a very simple concept, in which each of the gyri of the lateral surface of the brain are instead replaced by the anatomical name of that particular gyrus.  And if you haven't been able to tell yet, I'm a huge fan of simple, clean and colorful lines, and I think this design really shines in that regard.  I'm quite proud of this shirt.  And the anatomy is accurate!

Better yet, as a friend suggested to me, proceeds generated by sales of this shirt are going to support the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, Hematology/Oncology Program.  Leukemia and various blood cancers are actually quite prevalent in children, but early detection and treatment can let many of these children lead completely healthy, normal lives.  In my clinical rotations, I've witnessed this first hand, and I think this is a great program to support.

Also, we've printed this shirt in both men's and women's styles for all the ladies out there!  So go pick up one, two or ten of these shirts and know you're going look amazing(ly geeky) and that you'll be supporting an amazing program at the MGH.

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